Kasota Solutions: Services

Kasota Solutions provides real estate consulting services and owner consulting services.

These services include, but are not limited, to the following areas:

• Secure and arrange finance and debt structuring.
spacer5x5– Working with life insurance companies and traditional lenders to provide debt for a project.
spacer5x5– Working with private cash capital equity investors to provide “cash equity” to ensure a project may begin.

• Site search and selection.
spacer5x5– Engaging and working with real estate brokers.

• Selecting and managing civil engineers.

• Permitting, zoning, and other government issues.

• Land or building acquisition.

• Selecting and supervising an architect.
spacer5x5– Detailed current and future space needs (programming).

• Selecting a general contractor and construction management.
spacer5x5– Pre-construction estimating and budgeting.
spacer5x5– Construction cost budgeting.

• Project pro-forma and overall development budget.

• Provide a project master schedule.

• Qualify secure and direct attorneys.

• Review and arrange government and incentive funding:
spacer5x5– TIFF
spacer5x5– New Market Tax Credits
spacer5x5– Tax abatement