Kasota Capital

How can you put $500,000 tax-free into your pocket for retirement?

OldSiteBuilding1Numerous financial strategies are used to simply and effectively reduce the tax liabilities and rapidly increase the value of a physician’s personal net worth or that of the practice.

By investing in real estate, the health care provider works daily as a key part of the wealth enhancement package. We assist in building retirement saving to avoid the uncertainty of the stock market and get-rich-quick scams targeted at the affluent. This might mean that the provider can own all or part of the medical office in which they practice. If could also mean that the group wants to monetize all or part of the appreciated value of their existing facility by selling the facility to a new LLC. This is achieved by a sale-lease back transaction or a joint venture transaction by using the Kasota Capital Program where the original owners stay in the LLC.

In the joint venture Kasota Capital Program, the original owners retain substantial equity participation in the new partnership and thereby continue to benefit from appreciation and cash flows. In most cases, the original partners are relieved from the personal debt guarantees in the new entity.

OldSiteBuilding3Because we evaluate and qualify each situation prior to making a recommendation, we can offer creative solutions to your real estate needs. This might mean we only participate in the pre-construction and development activities, or it might mean we supply the capital and financing for a new or existing facility.

Kasota Capital Partners are very creative and can structure an opportunity to suit the needs of our tenant partners.


We often prepare a Project Development Agreement report. Our report includes:OldSiteBuilding4
spacer5x5• Site search and selection.
spacer5x5• Qualification and selection of an architectural firm.
spacer5x5• Qualification and selection of the best value-driven general contractor.
spacer5x5• Permitting, zoning, and other government issues associated with the site.
spacer5x5• Land or existing building acquisition.
spacer5x5• Detailed current and future space needs (programming).
spacer5x5• Construction cost budgeting and value engineering.
spacer5x5• Financing debt and equity structuring.
spacer5x5• Ownership structuring.

As specialists in real estate, we focus on key issues and prepare options for you. You must have qualified and quantified information supporting your position prior to taking any action and committing you or your group to millions in personal debt guarantees.


CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW FACILITY – More money is saved up front when building a new facility than any other time in the design build process. Kasota Capital can provide you with creative options on how to move forward on constructing a new facility. We do not have an in-house construction company, but work with organizations across the country to provide the most value-driven package for our clients.

MEDEQUITY PROGRAM – The essence of our Kasota Capital Program is:
• The tenant partners put no money into the project.
• The tenant partners do not guarantee any portion of the mortgage.
• The tenant partners receive ownership in the building on day one based on a percentage of square feet used.
• The tenant partners receive a share of the cash flow from the project day one.
• The tenant partners sign a 12-year lease.
• Kasota Capital finances and guarantees the mortgage.

OldSiteBuilding2The Kasota Capital Program can be used for new construction, to purchase an existing facility, or to monetize and existing facility that you already own.

Most projects have a positive cash distribution per year for the tenant owners.