About Kasota

Kasota Solutions provides its services around the United States through relationships with its strategic partners. We leverage our KasotaJobQuote1expertise with regional partners to provide the best services to our clients.

Kasota’s focus is on commercial property with a specialization in health care real estate. Our partners have participated in all sizes and values of projects, from multi-million dollar ground up development and construction projects and to providing debt or equity financing to secure a deal.

Whether it’s a development project or the monetization of an existing asset. we have the resources to provide you a solution to your real estate needs. Kasota’s job is getting the project going from concept to keys.

We act either as the owner/developer or a consultant to the owner providing strategic advice to get the project started.


• Our primary job is to ensure that each member of the Owner’s team of specialists discharges its responsibilities in a manner that serves the Owner’s overall interest.

• Acting as an extension of the Owner’s staff, we monitor and coordinate the efforts of all members of the Project Team in order to enable the Owner to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended.

• Design and Construction Projects typically require the services of a team of professional consultants and the work of construction contractors and other vendors. Each member of the project team has responsibility only for its particular expertise.

• No architect, consultant, contractor or vendor share the Owner’s comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of Kasota Solutions. This is the role we provide either as developer or consultant to owners.

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